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About Your Hosts

Sameer Pradhan
Sameer has 24 years of industry experience in technology evangelism with R&D initiatives focused on the automotive aftermarket. He has a proactive approach in building smart solutions for the automotive aftermarket under the AutoDAP business division.
Valentijn Leentvaar (Thijs)
CSD, AutoFacets
Valentijn Leentvaar (Thijs) has 25 years of experience in product innovation and IT Product Ownership in the European automotive industry.Managed the development of B2C online consumer COO platforms and B2B automotive spareparts retail platforms for large European parts distributors.
Hasret Celik
Commercial Director, AutoFacets
Hasret Celik has over 15 years of experience in the International B2B sales for the Automotive Aftermarket. She has collaborated with the International Trading Groups (ITG’s) on a strategic level as a Preferred Data Supplier. Hasret has worked with many parts suppliers in the Benelux, Scandinavia & Eastern Europe region. She understands the added value of data integration for parts catalogues and other online solution.

Key Takeaways

Smart Data is reshaping the Automotive Aftermarket industry, yet most of the organizations are not able to get the expected outcomes from their existing catalog. Are you looking forward to enhance output of existing catalogues, Improve Accuracy, Reduce parts returns?
    The differentiators of traditional and smart Automotive parts cataloging
    How Smart Data is transforming automotive parts purchase experience
    Giving desired dividends and sustainable business growth
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AutoDAP provides API driven DaaS Subscription for the Automotive Aftermarket. Owing to our extensive knowledge and a unique understanding of the European automotive market, we help businesses transform faster by providing accurate and effective data that leads to improving the process efficiency, minimizing risks and improving profitability.

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